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Fairytale of Mary Crafts- The Queen Chief Artisan

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Once upon a time, there was a gorgeous queen who have a long beautiful hair and she loved it so much. She was really beautiful in that long hair however sometimes she needed it neat for many interesting activities in her kingdom, she need an accessory to keep her hair up high, safe and beautiful. As advised by her counselor, he queen decided to launch a competition to find the most beautiful, safe for her hair. Making hair accessory for the queen was a great honor, thus all artisans in the kingdom enthusiastically took part in the competition. All of artisans make every kinds of hair accessory of the most valuable materials, from hair barrettes made of gold and precious stone to silk scrunchies with diamonds....
None of them could impress the queen because she had had too much accessories made of these expensive materials. Far away from the palace, there was a poor creative talented artisan named Mary Crafts whose products were beautiful and carefully made from natural materials like horns, wood but people living around him only like products from other materials. They did not know how this natural materials were good for their hair and bodies. Horn composition are mostly keratin just like our hair and nail so it is the best material in the world for hairs. In the situation of no buyers, the poor artisan heard about the competition, she thought “This is really the good chance for me. I will make the best hair accessory for the queen and become the champion.” She immediately started researching, designing and finding materials for the hair accessory. Hair barrettes or scrunchies could not keep the queen’s long hair fixed and safe and they were also not elegant enough. The artisan thought about a fork-shape accessory with long prongs. The hair fork would be decorated by a butterfly. When the poor artisan brought the box of his hair fork to the palace, everyone looked at him with contemptuous eyes. He gradually opened the box, they were surprised at an attractive accessory. The queen was also impressed by the pure and natural hair fork. It met all her demands: beautiful, safe, charming and special. She put the butterfly hair fork on her hair, she looked great and neat as the poor artisan had expected.
When the queen used it, it would look like a butterfly flying in the bright garden. The hair fork were not made of luxurious materials but it stood out of all other hair accessory by its indescribable beauty. And of course, the first prize finally belonged to Mary Crafts and she became the royal artisan in the palace who made the most beautiful items for the Queen.
Since then she trained many skillful artisans and most of them grouped into a group called Marycrafts, who make and offer this hair fork to you.


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